Getting Started

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Buyer's Checklist


Get the ball rolling with my Buyer's Checklist. Feel free to explore the 3 basic steps: getting pre-approved, finding your location, and making a Wants & Needs List. When we connect we'll review your list and touch base on any questions you need answered to move forward.

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Let's Chat


I want to hear all about what you're looking for. This will include everything from your main priorities to the smaller details. We'll consider the kind of lifestyle you want your home to enable so that we get you settled in the right place; for example, do you want to be able to walk to neighborhood restaurants and coffee shops? Would you like access to community amenities like a tennis court, pool, or workout center? Is being close to the mountains important so you can shoot up I-70 to the ski areas on a great snow day? We'll also discuss your budget, timeline for owning a home, closing costs, and the process of buying so you can be as prepared as possible for everything along the way.

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Property Search


Time to hone in on the ideal property. You'll receive emails with homes that fit your criteria, and from here you can decide which ones most interest you. I'll then set up showings so we can visit these properties in person. We'll continue this process until we find the right home for you.

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Going Under Contract


When we find the home you want to call yours we'll make the most competitive offer possible while safeguarding your best interests. What does this entail? First, we'll work everything out on the Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate. Then, once the offer is accepted you'll be "under contract" and we'll take each step to get to Closing, such as: reviewing the property's title, performing inspections, getting an appraisal, and applying for property insurance, to name a few. I'll walk you through the entire process and help make sure you get every answer you need.

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After each contract deadline has been tended to and passed, you'll sail on to Closing. Here, all parties will sign official documents, final payments will be made, and you'll receive the deed to your new house! Congrats — it's all yours!